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GDM: The “I” in D&I Event Report

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 5:05 PM | Deleted user

On July 17th, 2018, CCCJ held another Global Diveristy Management (GDM) workshop - "The “I” in D&I: Why it matters and how to build it" at the Canadian Embassy.


There were 24 attendees that came to listen to Ms. Annamarie Sasagawa's presentation on diversity and inclusion (which can be found in the attachments below) as they ate their lunchs. Attendees learned about the defintion of inclusion and how Japan's current corporate culture came to be by examining its recent history. Once, Ms. Sasagawa conlcuded her presentation, the workshop entered the discussion phase. Attendees were encouraged to share their experiences of both inclusion and exclusion. They also changed their seats regularly as questions shifted:

- How is work changing?

- What will work in Tokyo in 2025 look like?

- How is your organization encouraging inclusion?

- Where do you see your organization in 2025?

- How can YOU encourage inclusion?

Lively discussion were held as attendees shared their experiences and views. Many wrote their plans for the future on provided papers. After much discussion, attendees talked about various conclusions they reached with their neighbors:

-More education about gender is needed

-more flexibility with maternity/paternity leaves should be encouraged

-increased automation is soon to change working environments

-increased diversity education by upper management

-change will be slow


Finally, as the luncheon neared its end, one attendee asked Ms. Sasagawa how she was trying to change her organization. She replied that one effective way she found in nurturing inclusion and diversity was using company philosophy/vision to frame her objectives in a relatable manner. Through such methods, Ms. Sasagawa explained that discussing such her ideas were better received by her co-workers.


Overall, the workshop was a great success and the Chamber hopes to see more similar events in the future. 


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